Peter Daffy has been building fine acoustic instruments since 1992. A one-time apprentice and co-worker of the reknowned mandolin builder Steve Gilchrist, Peter works with the finest craftsmanship to build instruments that not only have remarkable clarity and tonal balance, projection and sustain, but are beautifully crafted and finished.

As a well established bluegrass guitarist and vocalist, Peter knows what a musician is looking for in a top quality instrument, and builds accordingly to the most exacting standards. He has spent years of research developing his range.

His trademarks are a loving attention to details of construction, selection of the finest tonewoods, beautiful finishing and polishing, and an aftercare service that assures a long life for his instruments when properly cared for.

Peter builds a range of instruments to the highest standards, including copies of vintage guitar styles, as well his own innovative bouzouki designs.