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CD review by Malcolm Fielding, www.indie-cds.com

"The Funky String Band offer a music that's not easy to pigeon-hole, and that's one of their strengths. There's a great deal of original invention here, which starts with the instruments themselves. Peter Daffy is well known as a maker of very high quality guitars and mandolin family instruments. On this CD the band perform mostly on Peter's instruments.

The music is mostly original too, and though you can hear the players' roots in Irish and North American traditional music, there is a style of music here that isn't really typical of either genre. The extensive use of counter melody and melodic decoration gives their compositions a feel that is mellow and accomplished. It's also deceptively complex, because the intricacy of the melodic structures pleases the ear so readily. This is a CD that will grow in appeal with repeated listenings.

Mandolin and bouzouki take much of the melodic lead on the album, and Luke spices some of the tracks up with a dose of Irish style tenor banjo.

Luke Plumb, from Tasmania, combined with Camperdown (VIC) based Peter Daffy and Hobart bass player Mike Webber to form FSB during 2000. Expect to see the band at a number of festivals around Australia and gigging in southern Victoria."

Listen to sound samples in Real Audio here - track 1: "Vodka for Breakfast"